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How to Cope With Modern Club Penguin Society

Now we all know old Club Penguin back in 2005 was, in many people's opinions, the best. Non-members were treated with respect, the parties were fun, the clothes were awesome, the igloo furniture was worth buying, and there were no annoying babies and rich blondes running about the pet shop. Good times, good times. But sadly, those days are over now and only remain memories. But hey, you don't have to make the worst out of it. Help is here.

Accept that Club Penguin is ruined
There's not much you can do about all the annoying toddlers, drama, cliques, prostitutes, or virtual changes on the island. It's all done for, and Disney isn't going to take back anything they did. Just make the best out of it that you can by following these guidelines.

Avoid the pet shop
If you're planning on going to large servers, especially the ones on the first couple pages listed, don't go into the pet shop. Part of New CP is babies, toddlers, fake models, and annoying rich people. Stay away from these things at all costs. There are only three reasons you should go into the pet shop:
  • To buy a new puffle
  • To play Puffle Launch (Unless you built the cannon)
  • To play Pufflescape

Only run these errands sparingly unless going on small, unpopulated servers
Remembering this will save you a lot of resentment toward the little rug-rats, and some peace of mind too. You will end up grieving over old CP a lot less.

Ignore the snobs and preps
If you see an annoying family showing off, don't blow up in their faces or tell them off. Chances are they are too ignorant to know what you're even talking about, and they will probably put on a show for their little toddlers and act all protective. You don't need this. They aren't worth it. Just feel sorry for them! They need help.
  • If you see a prep saying "I'M TAKEN!" to their friends, chances are they will not be in the next 24 hours and for a LONG time.
  • Preps can sometimes be noobs when they first hear about preps so if you see someone definitely not pulling it off, don't lose your cool. Just do what you went there to do and leave.
  • Most of the time a prep will walk up to you in the Stadium or Pizza Parlor and give you the heart emote. Don't scream GET A LIFE to them if you don't want to get banned. Walk away from them or ignore them if they follow. You have better things to do than get into a half an hour fake online relationship.
Be as rare as you can
There's nothing like saving rare items that your penguin had from years ago to honour the old CP. Keep wearing all clothing, free party items, and using furniture from as far back as your penguin has stayed on club penguin. It's cool, and not new.

Stay away from annoying cliques like teenagers who act random to try to be cool, vampires, werewolves, or any other groupies that bother you
You know this will only trigger the effect of lingering over the old days. If you go to the town, iceberg, or forest, chances are you'll see these annoying cliques more and more. Don't pay any attention to them, hang out with people you like and respect.

Be yourself
Yeah, I know you've heard this cliché over a thousand times and you're probably sick and tired of it. But you know what, it helps in certain circumstances. If you stick to your own decisions, don't give in to all the drama, and let your personality shine you'll end up being so much happier in club penguin, not to mention real life! If you're quirky, be quirky. If you're artsy, be artsy! Express yourself.

Buy all the old puffles and ditch the new ones
 If you miss old CP so much, don't buy any newly added puffles, only the ones that have been around for a long time. Don't adopt any orange, white, brown, or yellow puffles as they are very exclusive. This will show your commitment to old CP.

Have fun
Don't spend all your screen time mourning over your loss, get out and live a little. Hang out, meet friends, dance, play sports, walk your puffle around town, go to a college, get a career, play mini games for coins, etc. Distract yourself

Go on small servers and hang out with carefree penguins that don't worry about all the drama
If you hang out with these penguins, you'll find yourself acting like them and you'll be carefree too! You won't give in to all the negative people and you'll live your own life. Keep a good attitude.

If you see any "freedom" "playful" "girls meet girls" or "boys meet girls" parties or any of the sort being advertised to a certain member igloo or room, forget it
Ditch the sex parties that would've been appropriate for a Roman orgy. You'll only find weird naked penguins running around and doing stupid things, screaming, and acting like idiots. Don't fall for it, you'll just end up regretting your stupid choice later, or get banned. Don't act like those people, you have better things to do. Have some self respect.

Go to iceberg tipping parties
Now we all know the berg is never in club penguin history going to tip, and there will be no golden puffle or special coin-related prize involved. But just do it for fun, you know that's pretty much gone now, so make the best out of it while it lasts! The good old days were centred around having snow balls fights and berg-tipping, so join in the hysteria and be crazy once in a while! You'll miss out on some good times if you don't. 

Start a blog
Post any memories, rants, poetry, stories, or speeches about what the old club penguin was really about. There are so many people (or should I say penguins) that will agree with you one hundred percent, and you could end up starting your own puffle club or something fun.

Don't join in any anti-toddler/baby armies that go around destroying babies in the pet shop and trying to "rid them once and for all.
" Sadly, it's never going to happen. The babies were here 4 or 5 years ago, and chances are they aren't going anywhere no matter how many people come and try to make them leave. Just accept the fact that they are here to stay, and if you hate them, I don't blame you! But going around causing chaos won't make things any better and you'll only end up hurting yourself after disappointment. Ignore the babies and their drooling and jaundice-tinted skin. If they want to go around acting like fools, sucking non-existent penguin boobs, pooping their diaper, dressing weird, talking weird, and pretending they have any eye pigment on their avatar, it's their loss! Don't let them drag you down to their level

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