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Boyfriend tried to murder pregnant fiance by stabbing her in the face

A boyfriend tried to murder his heavily pregnant fiance by stabbing her in the face before jumping from a first floor window, a court heard.

Petar Petrov’s partner is still in hospital in a critical condition five months after the attack in Densworth Grove, London, last August.

The 31-year-old hotel worker, who yesterday pleaded guilty to her attempted murder, was found by a member of the public lying on the floor outside and covered in blood.
Neighbours had alerted the police after an hour-long argument was followed by a loud bang, which one said resembled a car crash.

When other neighbours came to help, one entered the flat to check on Petrov’s partner – only to find her lying on the floor with head and neck injuries.

She was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries including several facial fractures, severe bruising of the lungs and a stab wound to the face.

Her baby was born via an emergency cesarean section on August 9 with no physical injuries.
Detective Inspector Chris Skelt of Enfield Police Community Safety Unit said: ‘This has been a truly shocking case.

‘It is incomprehensible to think that a father-to-be could carry out such a violent and horrific attack on his fiancĂ© knowing she was carrying their baby.

‘I would like to commend the members of the public who were first at this distressing scene, and who performed first aid on the injured parties and called the emergency services.

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