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Recipes for Healthy and Beautiful Hair

Besides being useful as a drink to the health of the whole organism, whey is excellent and in the fight against dandruff! See the recipe for a few masks which will help your hair look beautiful again.
Whey can effectively solve the problem of dandruff, because it is rich in vitamins and proteins that feed the hair. It moisturizes, soothes irritation and itching of the scalp. Also it can help to eliminate the dandruff and recover the scalp because it works and antibacterial. It is important that it is good rub in the vortex, but apply it and along the hair, because it will become soft and silky.
Mask of whey and egg
Mix 1 cup of whey with 1 egg. Whisk well, then rub the mixture on the vortex and along the hair. Wrap, than fix the hair with barrette and leave on for half an hour. Wash your hair with a shampoo (preferably twice, and you can use a little fresh lemon juice to remove the smell of the whey).
Mask with pepper
Although it sounds strange, the pepper mixed with whey is very effective anti-dandruff. Mix one cup of whey with two teaspoons of pepper, apply it on the hair as a mask and leave it to stand for one hour. Wash with a gentle shampoo.
Mask of the whey and lemon juice
A great combination to prevent dandruff is the lemon juice (you can also use dried lemon peel powder) and whey. Apply the mixture on the topic and leave it on for 15-30 minutes, then rinse.
Mask with apple cider vinegar 
Apple cider vinegar is itself effective as a cure for dandruff, but associated with whey is even more effective. A mixture of two liquids hold on the vortex of the head, 30-60 minutes before washing.
Instead of whey you can use these recipes and homemade yogurt.

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