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Cincinnati woman charged with rape after she 'videotaped herself performing oral sex on a four-year-old boy and posted it online'

Police in Cincinnati say they have video evidence showing a 20-year-old woman raping a four-year-old boy.
India Kirksey, a resident of the West Price Hill section of Cincinnati, is being charged with first-degree felony rape, according to WCPO-TV.
Authorities allege that Kirksey videotaped herself as she was performing oral sex on the boy ‘on or about January 4,’ Cincinnati.com reported.

Video of the alleged act surfaced online and was forwarded to welfare services in Ohio.
An internet user in Texas is reported to have seen the footage on Periscope.

Kirksey is said to have confessed to the crime. She was secured on a $350,000 bond following her court appearance on Monday.

She has yet to enter a plea, according to People Magazine.
Many details of the investigation remain sealed due to the sensitive nature of the allegations and the age of the alleged victim.

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