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Couple reveals pregnancy in powerful photo with 452 IVF needles

For one couple, it was probably the most hard struggle of their lives, but they finally got the pregnancy they prayed for, and they announced it to social media in a pretty incredible way.
Lauren Walker, who is now 13 weeks pregnant, posted a photo of hundreds of needles and empty drug bottles encircling two onesies to tell her friends that her future twins, Duke and Diana, are on the way.
"We prayed for 953 days.452 Needles, 1000's of tears, 1 corrective surgery, 4 clomid/letrozole attempts, 2 IVF rounds, 3 failed transfers and & 1 Amazing GOD", Walker wrote.
She said she and her husband thought about different ways to announce the pregnancy, but everything fell short of doing them justice. They credit the strength of their marriage and their faith in God for giving them the courage to try again for a baby. "Taking out these needles by the handful to take this photograph was... surreal". I would go look at fertility blogs and find someone who was like me having a baby. Half way through my hands started to quiver, my breath got short, and I had to stop. Not because I was sad about what it took to get here, but because it was a representation of my world, our world, for the past over two and a half years staring back at me.
The post says, "There was a lot of pain, hope, and fear behind each of these needles". Each one representes a different day, a different path, a different emotion. It's a lot to take in. Her post has gotten more than 1,000 likes and 225 shares, with other commenters sharing their IVF stories. "Or he says 'no, ' makes you wait longer, and gives you something better.' Had he answered or [sic] prayers way back then, in 2015, we wouldn't have these two angels on their way today".

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