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Trump returns to campaign rallying, attacking familiar foes, promising a greater America

"But, despite all their lies, misrepresentations and false stories, they could not defeat us in the primaries, and they could not defeat us in the general election", Trump said.
Trump's now-halted travel ban froze the admission of all refugees for 120 days and indefinitely barred refugees from Syria.
On Saturday, Trump confirmed the rally, which will be held in an airplane hangar, via Twitter, saying he has "a lot to talk about!"
"When he had the news conference the other day, he was speaking to the American people".
"... Ultimately, Trump may have a point that the word is a "mess" today - but experts emphasized that it has nearly always been thus".
Congressional Republicans initially planned to repeal the landmark health care law when they took office in January and replace it later at a time to be determined.
First Lady Melania Trump joined her husband at the rally, taking the podium herself. It follows an official trip Friday to SC, where Trump will visit a Boeing facility in North Charleston.
Asked aboard Air Force One if a campaign rally was too early, Mr Trump said "life is a campaign" and that making America great again is a campaign. Gene Huber earned some TV attention by being the first person in line for the rally today, and Trump apparently saw him expressing his love for the president to the TV networks covering the event.
"I stand by a free and independent press and have great respect for journalists", Merkel said at an global security conference in Munich with U.S. Vice President Mike Pence in the audience.
The return to the campaign comes as Trump looks to recover from a rough-and-tumble week that was perhaps the most chaotic yet for his young administration.
"I hear the tickets, you can't get them", Trump said at the White House Thursday.
The president seemed to relish being back in front of his supporters, and even brought one fan up on stage who had been queueing since 4am. "Trump taught me everything". Trump acknowledged that the Secret Service was probably not pleased with this, but "we know our people", he said.
At one point, Trump also read aloud the federal statute at issue in the litigation challenging his immigration executive order, while again criticizing the appellate panel that blocked its enforcement. "I will never ever ever forget what just happened".
Trump, who spoke for almost an hour, also vowed not to be deterred by the setbacks that have marked his first month in office. "And I am also here to tell you about our plans for the future".
Palm Beach County GOP Chairman Michael Barnett said Trump needs to respond to opponents who are already working against him. "But I don't want the world to think that this gentleman represents how we feel ― about immigrants, about our environment, about our justice system".

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